To inform people about Rohypnol
Topic: Rohypnol (date rape drug/roofies)
It's strange how someone can be having a great time one minute and the next, be fighting for their life. Well, numerous teenage girls have been in this situation. Some are fortunate to have another shot and fight in order to go back to the life they knew before that dreadful minute, and others remain forever lost in those sixty seconds. According to the website accessed on October 24, 2004, Ellen Kuwana, a Neuroscience for Kids Staff Writer, stated that Rohypnol, is a drug that depresses the central nervous system and is also used as a sleeping aid. Although illegal in the U.S., Ellen Kuwana states that Rohypnol is made in Europe and Latin America and is distributed throughout the world. Rohypnol is a serious problem affecting today's youth all around the globe. Today I will discuss what Rohypnol (the date rape drug) is as well as its different uses. Second, I will tell you about who uses Rohypnol, how, and why there has been an increase in the teen use of this substance. Finally, I will share with you what happens as well as what the side effects are of using this potent drug.
O Let's shift over to myfirst point.
I. Rohypnol (the date rape drug) is a drug and has several different uses.
A. The manufacturers of Rohypnol and what it is made for.
1. According to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration's website accessed on October 24, 2004, Rohypnol is made by Hoffman-La Roche, Inc., which is a large Pharmaceutical company.
2. This drug demoralizes the central nervous system.
3. This drug is colorless, odorless, and flavorless.
B. The different uses of Rohypnol.
1. It is also used in combination with other drugs such as heroin, and cocaine to make he effect of the drug even more powerful.
2. Rohypnol is used as an aid for insomnia. It also allows individuals taking i

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