Rocky: The Ultimate Guide

I was pleased to purchase this scrapbook (of sorts) but was hoping for more about the behind-the-scenes and more information about how and why the movies were done the way they were. Anyone who’s seen the Rocky movies can live without reading about them chronologically. More importantly, the book has many typos and punctuation errors, most of which are in the section for the new Rocky Balboa movie. The book says Rocky decided to use part of Adrian’s life “assurance” to create a restaurant, then the book calls the restaurant “Rocky’s” and uses that as the header for the section on the restaurant as well.This book is a nice thing to have and I am pleased with it overall, but was expecting more depth on the actual production and was certainly expecting a grammatically / factually correct book.If the author ever revises this to correct mistakes, send me a free one for pointing it out!

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