What goes up must come down. This has been the focus of millions of people fascinated with overcoming this power we call gravity. They do this with rockets. Just like Gemini, Mercury and Apollo, hundreds of thousands of Americans engage in a weekender's activity: model rocketry. From 200 to 2000 feet, low power rocketry is a hobby anyone can start on.
My search for information in the subject of rocketry took me to many different forms of media. Newspapers, magazines, books, interviews, and last but certainly not least, the all powerful (and sometimes frustrating) Internet. Thefirst place I started looking (or should I say finding) was the library. Actually, this is where I got my idea. I saw a book on rocketry. Then I went online. The Internet was the focal point of my success. You see, besides WebPages I also found magazine articles, newspaper clippings, and even a T.V transcript. My interview was on the Internet and it worked out very well. I got a lot of information using the Internet.
Rockets were invented in ancient china. They used black powder (gunpowder) and bamboo tubes. Though they were unpredictable and inefficient. Nowadays they are as available as model cars. You are able to buy them in virtually every state. You have a variety of choices. Estes, Aerotech and Quest are all leading manufacturers in model rockets. With so much variety its hard to find a reason not to get into the hobby.
I guess I should start out with telling you what a rocket is. According to Webster, a rocket is as follows:
"rock'et , n.1. A projectile consisting of a cylinder filled with a combustible substance which when ignited produces gases that escape through a vent in the rear and drive their container forward by the principle of reaction. Rockets are used as fireworks, signals, and weapons; in WWII rocket bombs proved to be effective military weapons."
Sounds like a mouthful but ill try to simplify. You see whe…

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