Review: “A New Phone Form Factor From Motorola”

Reynolds, Mike. “A New Phone Form Factor From Motorola”. Laptop Magazine. March 2001
Just as the world goes digital and such companies as Nokia, Qualcomm and Ericsson become the giants in the wireless communication era, you start to wonder, what ever happened to Motorola? Motorola, at one time, owned the wireless communication market. However, as came the birth of digital wireless, soon came the demise of Motorola and the analog generation. With the original flip-style analog phone and later the StarTAC series which was the cutting-edge fashion in wireless communication, Motorola was at the forefront of modern technology, however was sidelined from the competitive game once digital communication stepped out on the field. Going from two extremes of the industry has taken Motorola some time to recover, however, it has dusted itself off and now is ready to push the form factor envelope once again. Motorola has now found a new industry which is ready to soar, one that is rapidly becoming more popular and is also receiving mass advertisement in Hollywood. The indus!
try of Two-Way paging. Two-way pagers are perhaps the next device to blow up on the scene upon its arrival. Today two-way pagers are becoming more and more popular in both the younger and older generations. Two-way pagers also seem to be the new wave of the lavish lifestyle. These pagers are being seen with professional athletes, actors and performers. They are becoming more regular in music videos and interviews, not only noticeable
physically but being mentioned during dialogue or even in the performers lyrics. These new two ways contain many options as well as ringtones and colors. Motorola’s new two way pagers are not only fashionably helpful but are also

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