Retaliating In America

A water filled balloon comes sailing over a crowd of onlookers as it crashes into the back of a rather large individual.Immediately, the drenched victim turns and searches aimlessly for the perpetrator.Only, he finds no one to point the finger at for sure.Ideas of who the culprit may be races through his mind, and now he realizes it was probably the group of his peers that jeer at him every day.This time they have gone too far, the suspicion of an individual being responsible has left his mind, instead, he views the entire group of kids to be equally accountable.The aforementioned situation left the victim in a state of fury, wanting to retaliate and strike back.While half of his mind wants to pummel the ones responsible, the other half is left unsure what to do.This is the feeling an entire nation endured after the September 11th tragedy.While America remained united physically, they were separated mentally in whether or not to fire back, and still yet, others countered with discriminatory remarks and actions to Americans resembling those who were accountable for the horrific tragedy.
Those who wished to fight back responded immediately by outraging on the television, in magazines, and on the radio.Every station or page you turned to, there somebody or something was saying that we should retaliate.Most writers and broadcasters stated proficient reasons why they felt we should reciprocate.Each justified their opinions well because of how passionate they may have felt about that tragic day.Some stated that the United States should bomb back or send troops in, as long as it was
physical destruction that we partook.While half of America felt we should fight back, the other half of the remaining individuals kept silent or spoke out that non-violence action was the best method of retaliation.
Those who remained silent may have been decided in mind but could not actually speak what they felt because they were f…

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