Responsible decisions

There is a delicate balance that is apparent in all aspects of life and far two often people only see the small picture, failing to recognize many natural occurring consequences. One such way for humans to help maintain this balance is to hunt. We as people need to practice responsible hunting and decision making by leaning the difference between over hunting, under hunting and the importance of restoring the natural balance we interrupt.
The effects of over hunting are very apparent in the world today. We have many animals on the endangered species list because of mankind's inability to know when to stop. If you look right here in British Columbia, you'll see that the grizzly bear population is diminishing rapidly. These animals not only keep other species in check but are also some of the most spectacular bears in the world. Are world would be a lesser place without the grizzly and we as humans must realize that we not only threaten the eco-system, but we also threaten the privilege of generation to come from enjoy the wonder of this magnificent bear. The grizzly is not the only species in trouble due to over hunting, animals like the gorilla and cheetah of Africa are in serious threat because of over poaching. These are just some of the animals that are facing extinction because of are incompetence.
Over hunting is a terrible fact that mankind is faced with, but equally as bad are the effects of under hunting. Take the rat for example, since humans have built large cities and towns there are less natural predator to keep the population in check. Rats are free to roam are streets and infest are houses without the fear of there natural predators. Since humans are responsible for building these cities and towns, driving away predators, it is now are responsibility for managing the rat population. We can not let an animal that spreads disease and kills off small bird species to run ramped in are cities. We must come up

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