Responding to Stress

Suppose that you are in your car in the middle of a traffic jam heading home from school after a terrible day.You feel frustrated and groan as you think about the calculus midterm you have tomorrow, which you still have to study for.Suddenly, you have to hit the brakes.Your heart starts beating faster and you insult the driver whom nearly made you crash.Are these reactions normal?Indeed they are, since they are merely examples of stress.Many everyday circumstances, such as deadlines, tests, debts, and conflicts in personal relationships are stressful.Routine hassles at home, school, and work may create strain that affects mental and physical health and decreases the quality of life because tension accumulates.Stress is an everyday occurrence that renders emotional, physiological, and behavioral responses.
When people are under stress, they usually react emotionally.Emotional responses are a natural and normal part of life, although most of the time stress tends to elicit unpleasant emotions rather than pleasurable ones.However, these unpleasant emotions serve an important purpose, since sometimes stress can make one cry and crying functions as an excellent therapy to get rid of pressure.Some common emotional responses to stress include irritation, frustration, and depression.For instance, because many people undergo mood swings and become irritated as a reaction to stress, they may end up hurting their relatives or friends.Even more, some people might become frustrated as they notice that they cannot achieve what they want at a particular moment.This frustration makes one feel hopeless and leads to depression.Depression is the most common emotional response to stress.People, not being able to adapt to change appropriately, may feel overwhelmed and often fail to recognize that they have a problem.When the situation comes to the point of depression, it is necessary to seek profe

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