Research Paper on The Effect of Dark Cola and Clear Cola on

Thefirst way that food decays is Putrefaction. In this way, it is when biological decomposing of organic matter, with ill-smelling and tasting products. In this type of decomposition there is no oxygen present. Thefirst step to the Putrefaction, a type of decomposition, is the material is decomposed into a material called strata. It separates into air, water, and Earth. With in the layers of things which involves the mastery of the mineral in the process of decomposition.
The second way of decomposition is Fermentation. Fermentation is defined at an energy yielding process whereby organic molecules serve as both electron donors and electron accepters. Fermentation occurs when chemical changes in organic substances are produced by the action of enzymes. The other general definition is all chemical reactions of physiological importance, and scientists today often restrict the term to the action of specific enzymes. These enzymes are called ferments; they are produced by minute organisms such as molds, bacteria, and yeasts. For example, lactose, a ferment produced by bacteria, usually found in milk, causes the milk to sour by changing lactose (sugar milk) into lactic acid. The molecule being metabolized does not have all its potential energy extracted from it. In other words, it is not completely oxidized. The micro flora is a place where they check for different types of decomposition around farm animals to see exactly how harmful it is. Here are some of the results they got from it about decomposition. For the fermentation process occurs in a lagoon, the micro flora environment must be conducive to a fermentative culture. It is possible to change that micro flora environment with the introduction of a selected group of natural micro organisms into the lagoon. With the fermentation process, riddance or elimination of odor is possible because the by-products of the fermentative culture are carbon dioxide and water, which are enviro…

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