Research and Evaluation

The article containing the hypothesis used by the research study this paper
will discuss is the Teachers’ Gestures Facilitate Students’ Learning:A
Lesson in Symmetry, authored by Valenzeno, Alibali, and Klatzky.The
research study, on the other hand, has a document title of Understanding
Change in Mathematical Reasoning:Evidence from Speech and Gesture,
written by Martha Alibali.

Valenzeno, Alibali, and Klatzky’s article hypothesized that teacher’s
gestures, as accompanied by speech, enables students to improve
comprehension skills and learning abilities.They explained that gestures
are forms of abstract that provide supplementary information to students.
Through pointing to objects or making hand motions relevant to what is
currently being spoken, students can develop association of information
between speech and gestures.

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Based from the results of a conducted experiment by Valenzeno, Alibali, and
Klatzky, they came up with the hypothesis that gestures facilitate
students’ learning. They carried out an experiment where children are asked
to view two types of videotaped lecture on symmetry.Thefirst type shows
an explanation using speech and gesture, while the second type shows an
explanation using speech alone.After viewing the videotapes, Valenzeno,
Alibali, and Klatzky found that the children who viewed the speech-and-
gesture lecture showed more understanding on symmetry and asymmetry.

Valenzeno, Alibali, and Klatzky’s hypothesis was used in Martha Alibali’s
research study.Martha Alibali’s paper aims to provide evidences and
inferences from written articles and studies
on the effectiveness of applying gestures in speech while conveying

Martha Alibali used a number of references to validate her study, and one
of the references she used is Valenzeno’s article.Her study aims to
investigate the effects of using non-verbal communication with verbal
communication in t…

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