Regulations of Biotechnology

Biotechnology is an unstoppable reality, and it should be something closely watched (Thompson). Biotechnology concerns human beings, problems concerning plants, animals and the environment. There is a great range of issues and topics when talking about biotechnology. However, the main question is why the government is not closely regulating private biotechnology firms. Research projects being done by biotech firms can be lead to a variety of issues involving ethics, for example, cloning, stem cell research, and genetic engineering. The projects being done especially by private firms deal with a terrifying notion of these biotech companies playing God. They are altering, engineering and taking science to a new level and the government most of the time has no idea what they are doing. Therefore the purpose of this paper is to provide solid information on biotechnology and the ethical issues that surround it to prove why the government should regulate private biotechnology firms.
There was a story on the front page of the business section of the New York Times at the beginning of this month about a race to develop a new product in biotechnology. The title “Down on the Farm, A Donor: Genetically Altered Pigs Bred for Organ Transplants” (Weil). This race involves four small biotechnology companies whose recent progress has prompted some scientists to say that the first organ transplant from pig to human could occur within a year. Due to this major pharmaceutical and medical device companies are funding this research, which means these small firms will not have to ask the government.
This story brings into focus the tangle of issues that precipitates quandaries about biotechnology development.Biotechnology is a challenging domain to examine. This world is the great and expanding range of areas of research and development with commercial potential and implementations. Advances in genetic modification, manipulation of viruses, bacteria, plan…

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