Rain forest Depletion

Rainforest Deforestation: Do We Care Enough?
The villagers walk the charred ruins of their village, looking for any personal possessions that can be salvaged after the fire. Looking out from the remains, they see the trucks already winding their way up the newly made dirt road. Soon, the landscape around their village will be irrevocably changed as well. The loggers will strip the forest of all trees, and then move on. They leave the landscape barren, and allow erosion to destroy it utterly. Sadly, this scene is common in many Latin and South American countries containing rainforests. In these regions, the rainforests are being cut down at an alarming rate, with no thought being given to the rights of the indigenous peoples whose way of life is inseparably connected with the rainforest itself. There are several viable solutions to this problem, the governments of these rainforested countries making wiser decisions and create new laws and programs to deal with the problem among these solutions. While the most advantageous solution would be for the foreign countries to recognizing that the blame lies as much with them as with those of the locales containing the rainforests Many countries containing rainforests feel the need to become as industrialized as possible in a short period of time. To accomplish this, they commonly build massive dams, flooding thousands of acres of rainforest, as well as displacing the many jobless poor attempting to live off of the land (Weisman 1). These poor, along with others simply needing to get away from overcrowded lands, move onto the indigenous people's land and clearcut portions of forest and farm these new fields. These poor often come into direct conflict with the indigenous tribes already living there, who oftentimes had no contact with outside civilization prior to their land being invaded and cut away. These conflicts are often violent, even fatal for both sides involved (Weisman 1). The…

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