Radiation therapy is a very effective way to treat and kill cancer cells. It's a treatment that can be treatedin combination with other forms of treatment like surgery and chemotherapy. The high doses of radiation kill cancer and shrink tumours. Radiation therapy can either be given externally by an external beam of radiation orthrough internal radiation. The newest developments in the treatment of lymphoma uses drugs called monoclonal antibodies that have a radioactive component. It attacks a protein on the surface of a cancer cell and destroys the cell. This is an example of internal radiation therapy. Radioactive substances usedinradiation therapy are cesium(137 Cr), Yttrium (90 Y), Cobalt (60 Co), Iodine (131 I), Phosphorus (32 P),Palladium (109 Pd), Gold (198 Au), and Iridium (192 Ir). Some side effects from radiation therapy is fatigue, malais, low blood counts,difficulty or pain in swallowing, skin pain, increased skin pigment, anorexia, nausea, vomiting, hair loss, and increased susceptibility. Radiation used for cancer treatment is called ionizing radiation because it forms ions as it passes through tissues and dislodges electrons form atoms. There are about 4 types of radiation used. One type is called high-energy photon, which is from radiation active sources like cobalt, cesium or a machine called a linear accelerator. Another type is the electron beams that provide superficial treatment and avoids radiation to deeper tissue. A third type is Proton radiation that causes little damage to tissue but is very effective in killing the cancerous cells. And the fourth typeis neutron radiation that is used for some cancers of the head, neck and prostate.In the treatment of the thyroid ablation is the administration of 131 Iodine orally in a liquid capsule. The 131 Iodine emits both negative beta particles and a prominent 364 keV gamma proton. The beta particles delivers the major dose to the remnant thyroide penet…

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