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Current Technology and Advances Made
Radarfirst began in 1930 when two American scientists realised its military value. Itsfirst major application was in 1940 when the British had developed radar to such a degree that they were very successful in detecting and shooting down many enemy aircraft during WWII. Since then Radar has made a lot of advances and has spread into many different fields such as tracking aeroplane traffic, mapping, weather forecasting and one of its very important uses in police radar and speed cameras.
In the late 1950's the police introduced thefirst technologies to kerb the ever-increasing fatality rate on the N.S.W roads. They introduced thefirst speed detection device called the Pie Radar (Radio Detection and Ranging) which had an antenna about the size of a 20-litre drum, because of its size and the power required to run it, it had to be carried around in the back of a Ute which had to be kept running to power the radar. These original radars were not really a solution to the problem as they were not practical or accurate. In 1968 a new radar called the S5 was put to the test and showed to be more salubrious than previous models as it was smaller and much easier to use but in 1971 the S5 radar lost a challenge in court and it was proved that the manufacturer couldn't verify their own radar, this was the end of the S5. The police's radar of today is called the Silver Eagle Traffic radar it can be used both in a stationary position as well as in a moving vehicle as it is controlled by a Doppler based microprocessor. The other modern day speed camera is the Traffixpak Speedshot, which can tell the difference between different vehicles travelling in the same direction as well as calculating the speed of vehicles travelling in both directions this system can also be modified to digital imaging in the future. The newest radar instrument, which was introduced in 1997, is c

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