Racism is a very big issue. I think most people say things without realising
they are being racist. This doesn't excuse their behaviour but most people
don't think before they say things. One line in Oodgeroo's poems says
"Black tribe, yellow tribe, red, white or brown" this means that there are
so many races in Australia and people are going to keep on being racist
because there are always going to be different races in Australia and
no-one can change it; so why don't people just live their own life and stop
trying to make someone else's miserable because someone's skin is darker
than theirs. Another line in one of Oodgeroos poems says "All one family,
so why family rows" and I believe that we are all related in some way or
another. I don't believe that humans started by the millions I believe we
started by one thing only. When people are racist towards others they are
calling themselves this as well. I think Oodgeroo is a bit of a hypocrite
because most of her poems are about whit people being racist towards
Aborigines and in one of her poems called "Let us not be bitter"she
wrote " away with bitterness my own dark people" in this poem she is
saying that they shouldforget about the past and get on with the future.
Then most of her other poems she is going on about how the white people
gave allot of discrimination and racism towards the black people.
Oodgeroo takes racism very seriously as most people should she has
expressed how she feels in her poetry. Oodgeroo has a one way mind
about racism though. To me it seems that she thinks its just the white
people racist towards the Aborigines and that's it but its not white people
are towards everyone even other white people and every other race is
racist towards the white people it just goes on. Oodgeroo is expressing her
feeling about racism but the way she is doing it she is bein…

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