Racism is defined by the Webster Dictionary as the assumption that the characteristics and abilities of an individual are determined by race and that one race is biologically superior to another.Confronted with a problem as complex as racism, we cannot afford to let ourselves be constrained by the boundaries of specific disciplines.Racism is alive and well.The reports of its demise are totally unfounded so that we come to the beginning of the twenty- first century, it remains as our society’s major dilemma.There is a lot at stake when dealing with this issue, but that fact is that we cannot brush it aside or ignore it any longer because it is present in everything we do.
Canada and the United States are one of the two biggest countries when it comes to ethnic diversities within its boundaries.Immigrants enter these countries by the thousands to better their chances of a good and stable life.The demographic statistics of these countries are rapidly rising.Immigrants are starting to take over and their presence is being felt more and more.
Historically, both countries had their respective problems involving other races.When the British settlersfirst came to Canada, they were confronted with the Native Americans.Their goal was to claim land for England, but they also had to convert the aboriginal to the Catholic religion.So against their will, the Native Americans were taught to worship a new God.The Whites were taking advantage of these primitive tribes living in and around the country.They played with their minds, giving them hard liquor, disguised as the Drink of Life.So the aboriginals were overwhelmed, and could not stop the invasion.They were defeated, forced to live in small territories, and some were turned into slaves.
Americans were as bad, if not worst, toward racial groups.The most significant of the acts committed is the segregation of African American during the late eighteen hundreds …

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