Rachel Carson Opinion

There is no point in beating around the bush,
explaining how the movie was laid out, her background, or what her objectives were. Rachel Carson was nothing short of a modern day super woman.
Not unlike super heroes we read about in comic books,
the things she went through for other people and
creatures was phenomenal. There aren’t a whole lot
of people who can truly say they dedicated their life
to the well being of others, and I’m not only talking
about humans. If anything, we were her last concern.
With proper knowledge and testing, we would have
known better than to use those pesticides in such
an abundant manner. Granted, pesticides seemed
insects, but people had to have been noticing the affects these dangerous chemicals were having on the wildlife and people most commonly exposed. Man truly stepped on his own foot in this episode. It must have been so lonely for her to be, what must have felt like, the only person in the world who knew what was really going on.
Rachel Carson seemed to be a most remarkable woman. She fought through the slander, the barriers of school, and the governments twisted way of getting things done. She exposed pesticides for what they truly were and for that I know I am grateful. We assume that if a major company or our government is doing something odd, that it is with good reason or at least its been tested. This goes to show us that even our government is only made up of man. Man, who doesn’t necessarily know everything.
Rachel Carson Video Regarding Pesticides. 1994

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