Race and Gender Discrimination

Analogies between racial and gender discrimination are highly problematic, both theoretically and historically.Discrimination can perhaps be better understood when analogized with cancer.Discrimination, like cancer, kills humanity.Discrimination, like cancer, comes in many specific forms.And each form of discrimination, like cancer, must be recognized treated with specific and focused efforts.The purpose of this paper is to show that when we recognize the differences between racial and gender discrimination we validate history and are more aptly able to end the current oppression of racial minorities and women.
Ten years ago one of the most exclusive golf and country clubs in America, Shoal Creek, admitted itsfirst black member after controversy surrounding the club’s racial exclusionary policies nearly derailed the club’s coveted plans to host the championship tournament for the Professional Golf Association.Today, the National Council for Women is waging a similar war on a different golf and country club.
The National Council for Women discovered that Augusta National golf and country club, a private club, and home to a popular Professional Golf Association tournament, excludes women from the ranks of its membership. As such, the National Council for Women is using the same platform used by civil rights leaders to end racial exclusionary policies at Shoal Creek to attack Augusta National and its gender exclusionary policies.Specifically, The National Council for Women requested that corporate sponsors of the tournament including, IBM and Citibank withdraw their financial from the tournament at Augusta National.In addition, The National Organization for Women also requested that CBS refuse to televise the tournament at Augusta National. Furthermore, The National Council for Women has also requested

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