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Vocational-Agriculture Education
Harold B. Swanson said, "Farming in the future will be different."This is due to the many agriculture careers that involve farming. In my extensive research I have come across the many facts which have led me to believe this quote is true.The are careers in science, communications, business, government, and education (Swanson).The one I'm going to discuss with you in great detail is agriculture education.
Everything has a history of how it came about.Thefirst agriculture schools were established during the 1860's in Michigan and Pennsylvania.Thefirst significant advanced in agriculture education began in 1862.President Lincoln who signed the Morrill Act to establish land-grant colleges in certain states sanctioned this.In 1914 the Agriculture Extension Service now known as the Extension Service was established.
With money from state, county, and sometimes-private sources, it became possible for each county to maintain a resident college-trained expert, usually called the county agricultural agent or the county advisor(Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia).
In 1917 the Smith Hughes Act was established which provided funds for vocational education.In 1928 the Future Farmers of America (FFA) was brought into existence.
Even before the county-agent system appeared, it was recognized that
Farm children needed to be taught improved farming techniques.From
This early recognition the nationwide 4-H clubs grew (Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia).
The American farmer is also informed on the many farming techniques and management through journals, newspapers, newsletters, and most recently by way of direct satellite and network marketing systems.
There are over ten thousand teachers of vocational agriculture education.Every year, however, there are one thousand new agriculture instructors needed to enlighten agriculture education.A…

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