Part 1: During the course of this class I have learned a lot of information over memory. Out of the things that were talked about in class I picked up on four main things that I will discuss throughout my paper. I have learned that there are four functions, three stages, there are seven steps that will help you remember, there are three types of memory.
Our memory allows us to recognize our family and our friends and to remember all the things that we might not be able to do.Our memory is always changing and we have no control over it. Our memory serves us four functions. The four functions are: they collect information, which is the intake of data. Then there is the organization of the information that has been collected. This is where the information of data is filed away. The memory also retains the information and stores it. Finally the memory serves us when we are able to retrieve the information that has been stored away. This is where we are able to recall the data with no trouble at all.
There are three stages when it comes to memory, they are encoding, storage, and retrieval. In order to remember any event that requires us to get the information into our brain. Encoding is the processing of information into the memory system, by extracting meaning. Then we need to be able to retain that information over time and this is storage, and later we need to get it back and this is the retrieval of information out of storage and this is retrieval.
There are three types of memory; sensory, short term and long term. In our sensory memory it is our immediate, initial recording of any type of information into the memory system. Short-term memory is the activated memory that holds a few items for a short time. For example it lets us remember phone numbers before the information is stored or forgotten. Then there is the long-term memory this is a limitless and permanent storehouse of information. It lets us rememb

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