Psychological Theories

1. Select the three of the seven schools of psychological theory: 1) compare and contrast the one theory you think is the most reasonable to the other two theories, and 2) explain the'sociocultural perspective' as discussed in your text.
After taking into consideration, the seven theories in Psychology today, I have found that the behavioral perspective seems to be the most feasible to me.Environmental factors are imperative when it comes to the reason for one's behavior, and is essential when determining the cause of behavior and modifying problem behavior.An additional theory, which I believe is closely similar to this perspective, is the psychoanalytical theory, which was founded upon the philosophy of Sigmund Freud.This theory takes into account the early childhood experiences and how that may affect behavior today.The biological perspective examines the role that biological and genetic processes play in behavior today.Many causes of problem behavior may be inherited and present at birth and may not be due to any other environmental or social factors, according to this theory.Falling under the field known as Neuroscience, this perspective looks at the role of chemical balances and imbalances and the important part they play in behavior.Both the psychoanalytical and behavioral theories take a look inward at certain factors unlike the behavioral theory, which looks out into the surroundings and its effects, so that we can understand the causes of certain behaviors and establish ways to modify them.I personally would surmise that environment is a critical modeling factor in the development and cause of behavior.After all, children model and reflect the behaviors that they are shown and subjected to.
The sociocultural perspective examines the roles that culture and society play on a behavior.It looks at how one might, feel, think, or behave in certain social settings.According to so…

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