psychological processes applie

Early on this semester, we were introduced to certain principles of psychology in order for us to have a better grasp of the subject matter.These principles are supposedly what matters to psychology and life. Atfirst, I wasn't really convinced that these principles were so relevant to life itself though its significance to psychology was pretty clear to me.Perhaps this was due to my failure to acquire a book right away, or maybe I just didn't or couldn't see its relevance to my life.Now, I realize that it was a little of both.As I carefully read through the pages of my newly borrowed book, going over each paragraph on these principles, images of myself, my childhood, and other memories and experiences came about.It was fun recalling those images, and at the same time enlightening.

They say that basically, your biological make-up or composition greatly determines your behavior.Though I believe that I do not have any brain abnormalities or complexities like the ones stated in the book, the basic point that your features affect your behavior, brings about many things for me.One of the things that almost instantly popped out of my mind was my poor eyesight.Because of certain limitations in my vision, I have somehow learned to be more alert and observant especially in the classroom during lectures and in the streets when I drive a car.In addition to this, it also came into my mind that it wasn't just my eyesight perse that made me more "vigilant" in a sense.A big chunk of it is also due to the way things are around me.Sitting at the back of a class of around forty students, for example, forced me to pay more attention to the lectures.The same thing with driving, the traffic situation we have has made, not just me, but almost all drivers as well, more focused and quick-to-think in the streets.I find myself in dozens of other similar situations, and I realize that this is because o…

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