Psychological Observations of Children

Introduction – Psychology
Children are often referred to as the future, but what many do not say is that they are very much the present. After viewing 3 small children ages 3-5 for 20 minutes, I learned many interesting facts from there actions and what they said or attempted to say. This was an interesting assignment considering it was kind of hard not to interact with the children. One of the most peculiar things I found was the amount of energy this kids have, given a 20-25 viewing timeframe they did not lose any energy from there movement or anything else for that matter.
Viewing these children, 2 females and 1 male, the females were ages 3, 4 and the male was 5. They were all related, not as sisters and cousin of each other. I viewed them in there home for about 20 to 25 minutes. The setting was the average living room, with wall to wall carpet, two couches and an entertainment center. In the center of the living roomwas a few toys, two trucks and a few legos, also a few dolls. The room was relatively open, for running around and disturbing the observer ( I was sitting on a chair in the room).
There were several unique things about the children, and how they played into the theories of Piaget, Erikson, and Kohler. Along with actions of theirs that did not fit into either of the theories. Also there were behaviors common in all children, that I feel could be open for a new study.
Thefirst child is 3 years old from what her mother tells me and her name is Elise. Elise spent her time during my observing playing with the dolls with her sister and being chased by her brother. She was very loud like the other siblings, possibly because she is the youngest or maybe she has received little attention during her earlier childhood years.That theory falls under Erikson, for neglected infants. Also the issue of gender identity, seems to be developing in this girl. She plays with all of the dolls that her si…

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