Psychological applications

Psychology is applied all over the world, from huge organizations to each human with their own personal problems.Psychologists use their knowledge to attract and sell huge organizations goods and services threw Freudian theories, Piaget's theories and many others.

Many companies have used Freudian theories over the years.One of these companies has applied a part of his theory involving the id.The id consists of many different unconscious emotions.An ad in a Maxim magazine focused on sex, which is one of the emotions the id is constantly trying to satisfy.When one is flipping threw the magazine they come across an ad that catches their attention.A picture of a more than half naked Carmen Electra stops the reader long enough to introduce their new hair care product.The plan of this add is to trigger a defense mechanism called displacement, which transfers your impulses onto something less threatening on your ego.The impulse would hopefully be displaced upon the hair die, which is what they are trying to encourage the reader to buy.This add also exhibits social proof because they have a quote from an interview with Carmen saying, "Girls like guys with great hair like guys love girls in thongs."The reader is looking onto Carmen as proof of what girls are thinking, which hopefully causes there product to sell better.Psychologists apply their theories in many different ways, but one way that I think works is focussing on the id because sex does seem to sell.

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Piaget's theories are also used today to market across the globe.A stage four indicator in Piaget's theory is the personal fable.Personal fable is when a subject thinks that no one can truly understand what he or she are going threw.H and R Block uses this idea when they say, "We know that almost no one understands you that's why we have specialist ready to accommodate your every need."This is stage four in the …

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