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Freud's Five Psycho Stages in Children
Freud did a large study on how children feel and react to certain things as they are growing up.First, Freud believed that children have sexual tendencies as they grow up.Then, he felt that the child would learn to be infatuated with the parent that was the opposite sex from them.For example, if the child was a boy.The boy would start to become very jealous of the father as time went on.Same thing goes for a girl.In Freud's five theories, we will take a look at how each of them explains his beliefs on what children go threw as they are growing up.
Thefirst stage was the Oral phase.The Oral phase begins at birth and lasts for about eight month's.During those eight month's, the child will experience needs to suck, bite and swallow. These things will need to be done in order to control a child's sexual needs.However, the most obvious oral stage is the eating stage.When a child eats, it is manipulating many parts of the mouth.
This manipulation was said to be the activities of fulfilling a child's sexual urges according to Freud.
Each time a child goes and takes a bit of something or swallows something, Freud believes that it is all a part of controlling the child's sexual needs.
During thosefirst eight month's, the child was experiencing the ID.The ID was a controlling stage in a child, satisfying a child's demands, needs and wants.A child will do anything to get what they felt was needed due to the ID.A child will cry, throw things and even point just to express and show what they want.As long as they have the power of controlling their parents, the ID will keep on growing inside of the child demanding more and more during thefirst eight month's.
Soon after the Oral phase was over, the Anal phase began to start.The Anal pha…

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