Psychlogy in Modern Society

"Does Psychology have a place in modern society?"
In a field of science that deals with emotional and behavioral characteristics of people there are many opportunities for Psychology. It seems that as long as there are humans on this earth, then there will always be a place of psychology in modern society. They are needed in many places. From schools to large business jobs in psychology seem to be growing. Business hire industrial psychologists for the sole purpose of helping their employees deal with personal issues that may interfere with productivity. Schools use them to help not only the students but the also the faculty with there problems that make them deviate from doing their work. Health clinics always have a need for psychologists. Everyday more people are experimenting with drugs and other substances, these patients need a lot of help. They help them by trying to find the source of the problem, the one that made them want to start substance abuse in thefirst place. People have problems, and need some assistance in dealing those problems once in while. These people include seriously emotionally disturbed children and adolescent teens. At one point in time, these children had no escape and had to deal with their problems on theirs own. Much of our population has benefited from the pork of psychologists. There is a very common mistake made between psychology and psychiatry.

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