Albert Bandura performed the study above in 1961 to demonstrate that the children learned aggressive behaviors simply by watching a model perform these behaviors. The study illustrated the third type of learning, called social learning. Social learning theorists view learning, called social learning. Social learning theorists view learning as purposeful – going beyond mechanical responses to stimuli or reinforcement. The two types of social learning are cognitive learning and modeling.
Cognitive learning focuses on how information is obtained processed, and organized. Such learning is concerned with the mental processes involved in learning. Latent learning and learn helplessness are examples of cognitive learning.
Cognitive map: a mental picture of spatial relationships or relationships between events. A cognitive map is a mental picture of a place, such as the maze.
Latent learning: Learning that is not demonstrated by an immediate, observable change in behavior. Psychoanalysts have shown that general learning strategies can affect a person's relationship to the environment. For example, if a person has numerous experiences in which his or her actions have no effect, he or she may learn a general strategy of helplessness or laziness.
It is not hard to see how these results can apply to everyday situations. In order to be able to try hard and to be full of energy, people must learn that their actions do make a difference. If rewards come without effort, a person never learns to work. If pain comes no matter how hard one tries, a person gives up. This occurrence is called learned helplessness.
Latent helplessness: condition in which repeated attempts to control a situation fail, resulting in the belief that the situation is uncontrollable.
SELIGMEN identified three important elements of learned helplessness: Stability, globality, and internality. Stability refers to the person's belief that the state of hel…

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