protista fiction story

Gangs of Protista

There is a small kingdom I once new by the name of Protista.It was an interesting kingdom full of Protists.But the Protists were divided into three gangs.You were either a Blood (animal-like), a Photo Sin (plant-like), or a Mush (fungus-like).You had no choice in the matter.You were born one and you died one.
The Bloods had three main guys who would lead the people into victory or chaos.They were Rhizopoda, Ciliophora, and Zoomastigina.If you were on another side, you would not want to mess with these guys.Rhizopoda was big and dumb, but if you got too close to him he would surround you with his pseudopods; otherwise known as his endocytosis attack.Ciliophora may be smaller than Rhizo, but he was a lot faster and smarter.Plus, he had these spear-like objects, or trichocysts, that he could shoot out of his body to kill an enemy.The other two would be paired with one of them to double team the enemy if the need be; that would rarely happen.
The Photo Sins were not a group to be messed with alone because they always traveled in packs.The leading pack consisted of Euglenophyta, Bacillariophyta, Dinoflagellata, Rhodophyta, Phaeophyta, and Chlorophyta.They would really pack a punch all together and would not let you escape if they caught you.
A Mush was not very threatening considering you never saw them much.They were lead by Myxomycota, Ascrasiomycota, Oomycota.We all guessed that they were too ashamed of their names to come out and fight us; so we left them alone.
Fights had been going on for years as they all tried to dominate one thing or another.Until one day, Miss Plasmodium Sporozoa came into town.Everyone knew she was a Blood, but no one wanted to tell her the rules of this here kingdom.They were all too afraid; they knew she was nothing but walking trouble.She poisoned everyone in that kingdom.The poison inside would reproduce so much that they would explode. …

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