It’s been so long since I held you, looked in those soft green eyes. It’s been so long since we set and talked, but now I realize. You’ll always be my Princess,my best friend and much more. Without my Guardian Angel,lifes not worth living that’s for sure You’ve been my inspiration,you’ve been my guiding light. And when I close my eyes to sleep,your in my dreams each night. Your everything that matters,I just wanted you to know. That even though were apart,just how much I love you so. Your pictures always with me.and no matter what I do. I just can’t help from thinking,just how much I miss you. And each night when I say my prayers,I ask my God above. To hold you close,and keep you safe, and surround you with his love. You’ll always be inside my heart,and always on my mind. Your the best friend that I’ve ever had or will ever hope to find. You’ll always be my Angel,my Princess Lady Di. No one could ever take your place,and I think that you know why.

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