Presidents Drug Policy

The President’s National Drug Control Strategy 2004 focuses on three
key areas:the prevention of drug use, providing treatment for drug
addiction, and damaging the economic basis of the drug trade.In the
strategy, the President notes a special role for law enforcement, school
and community.In addition, the arrest of drug dealers is an important
component of the policy.Despite its many positive points, like a focus on
treatment, the President’s drug policy has several important flaws.
Overall, the President’s drug policy will be held to be successful if it
holds up to long-term goals like reducing drug use and crime that is
associated with the use of illegal drugs.
Law enforcement plays an important role in the President’s drug
policy. Importantly, the policy proposes “close alliances between treatment
and law enforcement” as part of a larger alliance between the community and
government.As an example, the policy notes the case of Shirley Morgan and
the growing drug trade in rural Portland near Mount Hood.She headed a
community group that coupled a volunteer coalition that collected
intelligence on drug activities with the activities of the local police
In addition to the need for community involvement with law
enforcement, the policy notes the importance of law enforcement targeting
higher ups in the drug trade.As such, the policy notes the efforts of the
multi-agency Special Operations Division (SOD), which works to coordinate
the action of different federal agencies with state and local agencies,
including Columbian and Mexican counterparts.This coordination plays an
important role in stopping “trafficking organizations can span dozens of
states and hundreds of jurisdictions.”
School and community are important components of the President’s drug
policy.As noted earlier, the policy focuses keenly on the cooperation of
community groups with …

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