Presidential Primaries in NJ

Voting in the presidential primaries could quite possibly be considered one of the most significant choices the citizens of the United States have to make; yet such a minute fraction of voters partake in them.The presidential primaries are the way in which our country chooses candidates to run for the office of President.Because the presidential primaries can be considered the most essential part of any candidate's campaign for President, the process takes more than enough time, devotion and money.And unfortunately, for the people in New Jersey, the race for president has already been decided by the time the primaries make it over to the Garden State. For this reason, a tiny percentage of voters play a part in the primary election process. What's more, is that our state political leaders have done very little to try to change our influence in the primary elections and the way in which these presidential primaries are structured. The people of New Jersey will continue to play a trivial role in the race.Consequently, the voters of New Jersey already have a strong leaning towards John Kerry, who will almost certainly win New Jerseys Democratic primary.
The primaries are the most critical part of any campaign because they help shape the final platforms of the triumphant candidates in the November election. During the primaries, candidates try to circulate their message (thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes) to the people and differentiate themselves from other candidates simultaneously. During this time period many issues arise based on the candidates belief and could potentially determine the victory or collapse of a candidate. Also, sometimes a candidate will "drop out," for example, as in the case of Howard Dean during the primary elections. If Howard Dean was able to win a considerable amount of votes during the primaries, there is good chance that John Kerry or some of the other party's chosen candidate…

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