Presidential Election and Their Biological Views

Stem cells are primitive types of cells in the body that can develop into 220 other types of cells, such as, red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, etc.Stem cells can be extracted from very young embryos and researched to hopefully effectively treat or cure life threatening diseases.Using human embryos to extract stem cells becomes a touchy situation for pro-lifers and brings about certain moral guidelines that must be followed.
President George Bush and opponent John Kerry are not in total disagreement over stem cell research.Both, Bush and Kerry agree that there should be a great deal of government spending funded on stem cell research.Kerry opposing views are that there should be less government guidelines on stem cell research and that Bush should have lifted the ban of stem cell research from particular institutes.With this in mind, he thinks this would accelerate the ability to find the cure for many horrific diseases.Kerry also wants to increase federal funding on moving stem cell research in a direction to put the United States back into a leadership role in this field.
George Bush was thefirst president to delegate federal funding towards stem cell research.Bush also adds that he would not over step moral guidelines by using federal funds to encourage the killing of human embryos. Kerry takes this as limiting embryonic stem cell research, when there was no stem cell research to limit before Bush started one. One of the guidelines that Bush instituted was that federal funding would not be used on embryos that have not already been destroyed.These moral guidelines seem to be well supported through out many European countries and back Bush on these moral grounds.
Another, delicate issue that is being talked about is Bush's Unborn Victims of Violence Act.This act entails that when a crime of aggression kills or hurts her unborn
baby that there are two victims and two offenses th…

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