Presidential Candidates on Education

Education is the backbone of human growth in all fields of lives, by that
economy, society, morality or personal development. It is the answer or
solution to all the problems encountered by an individual, society or a
nation. Through the direct use of knowledge, an educated person can help
himself and others around him to overcome obstacles, develop himself and
reach his highest potential. Therefore, education has been among the highest
priorities of nations all over the world. Education has been among primary
goals of all governments that ever ruled America and it is reason of
American’s success and hegemony in the world.
Thus, the candidates of American Presidential elections have come up with
scrupulously detailed plans on improving the quality of education for
John Kerry is the candidate of the Democratic Party. He plans to increase
job opportunities, increase the access and improve the quality of health
care facilities and education, strengthening economy, military and
relationships with other nations. He has proven himself as of possessing
leadership qualities and humanitarian feelings during and after Vietnam War
Kerry believes that every school should aim for and have resources to reach
high standards of education. He plans to establish a National Education
Trust Fund to ensure that schools always have the resources to provide
quality education. Rewards would be granted to schools that reach the
As teachers are the factor that determine the quality of education that
each child receives, a plan to ensure that only competent persons teach and
This program would be called “”New Bargain for America’s Children and
Teachers” under which 500,00 capable teachers will be hired. Teachers will
be rewarded with high pays while at same time will be demanded to carry out
rigorous testing that train and develop students for future careers.
Majority of parents work in America till late in t…

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