President of Mexico: Vicente Fox

Some people say that Mexico‘s prsident, Vicente Fox, hasn‘t done anything good in this country; I say thats not true at all. This statement is about why this country hasn‘t been as good as we want it to be, because everybody has economic troubles and security issues. Mexicans are not happy with their goverment. But it‘s not entirely because of Fox.
The last 75 years Mexico was under a few people‘s power, and those hands were from one political party named PRI (Partido Revolucionario Institucional). This political party was the only one that took all the decisions about Mexico‘s future and its posision in the economic world. In those years a lot of things happened, and treaties were made, treaties that were made only to make the president and his co-workers richer.
But recently in this last president election, the people voted, and voted for another party. The difference between this time and the other ones, was that the government accepted and recognized the political party PAN (Partido de Accion Nacional), as the winner. The president elected was a man called Vicente Fox, but he made some promises to us a bit hard to accomplish. All the people were very happy and excited about his new goverment. They thought that he could save us from being a 3rd world forever.
Four years have passedsince Fox took power and people are again mad about their goverment, and they are looking how to protest again and again against him. But why is this country with the levels of insecurity so high, or why is the economics of this country so bad? It‘s beacuse the democracy that we were looking for it‘s just starting but it won‘t work until the members of the congress begin to think for the country and not for their personal interests.
Now the goverment it‘s under too much presure, and Fox it‘s trying to negotiate with the congress to begin a reform of the tax base, and make changes in the security institution. But there are…

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