Preparing A Nutcracker and Scrub Jay Study

In this experimental design, I would get fully grown adults of 30 nutcracker species and 30 scrub jay species from the wild. I will also get naive 30 nutcracker species and naive 30 scrub jays that were just born in the wild and have not had much chance to practice caching in the wild and bring it into captivity in the laboratory. There would be total of four chambers, one for fully grown nutcracker species, one for naive nutcracker species, one for fully grown scrub jay species, and last one for naive scrub jay species. The naive nutcrackers and scrub jays would stay in these chambers in laboratory for about 3 months before I would actually run the experiments, and the wild nutcrackers and scrub jays would stay in these chambers for only three days before the experiment. The main experiment of this design would be to measure the total number of seeds that nutcrackers and scrub jays of both adult and naive are able to retrieve over a certain limited amount of time (control) and over a longer amount of time. The chambers would be of equal size, and during the initial 3 months before the experiment, the conditions of the chambers will be kept at very optimal conditions so that the naive birds are healthy and not deprived of anything until the experiment. For instance, the temperatures of the chambers will be optimal so that the birds will not get hypothermia or hyperthermia, the birds would be given its optimal diet, the birds would be given enough amount of water, and the birds will be exposed to optimal light/dark cycles (e.g. 12:10 light to dark).
It is possible that during the initial 3 months before the experiment, a male nutcracker might mate with a female nutcracker or a male scrub jay will mate with a female scrub jay, and in this case, the newly born offspring would be taken out of the chamber and released into the wild or kept somewhere else, because they will not be tested in this experiment. During the 3 months be

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