Prejudice & Discrimination

On February 11, there were two reports regarding the proposed ban on
gay marriages in Massachusetts.Thefirst is an interview with CNN’s legal
analyst, Kendall Coffey (interviewed by Carol Costello, while the second
was reported by Wolf Blitzer.Both reports were conducted in a way that
did not suggest any prejudice on the parts of the speakers themselves.
However, there are obviously many different viewpoints regarding this
Two groups can be distinguished in this debate:fundamental
Christians, and gay people, along with those who advocate gay rights.Two
distinct viewpoints are also highlighted during reporting.One viewpoint
concerns equal rights, while the opposite focuses on the right of people to
vote for or against gay marriage.If a court were to decide which law to
pass, the latter group claims that democracy and the right to vote hold no
Another interview by Daryn Kagan with Sandra Scham from “Archaeology”
magazine on the same day is also close to the heart of the Christian
community.This interview concerns the historical accuracy of the film
“Passion”, starring Mel Gibson in the role of Christ.The interview
focuses mainly on the ability of archaeologists to determine the exact
environment of Christ’s world, and therefore prejudice is not truly the
However, the beginning of the article does suggest that the film,
being centered around a Christian issue, tends to be discriminatory against
other religious groups, including Jews.Furthermore the film suggests that
Christianity is a great spiritual movement above all others, as well as
being the only laudable spiritual “truth”.The interview does center
around the issue of truth to some degree, as its purpose is to determine
the historical accuracy of the world created for the film.According to
Scham, very little evidence is available to archaeologists to determine the

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