Pregnancy Alcohol

January 1989 the results of a study conducted by Ann Pytkowicz Streissguth were published in the Journal of Developmental Psychology. The study investigated the relationship of maternal use of drugs, alcohol and/or cigarettes during pregnancy on the IQ of her child at the age of four years.Newsweek and Scientific News also print articles later that year reporting the effects of maternal use of alcohol and drugs on the infant. They also looked at the effects of cigarette smoke on the fetus. Although the articles dealt with the same topic usinginformation reported in the original study they differed in how they presented that information to their readers. All three publications varied use of methodology, use of scientific findings, and the presentation of the conclusion to meet the informational needs of their audiences.
“IQ at Age 4 in Relationship Maternal Alcohol Use and Smoking during pregnancy” was written by the group of researchers that group participated in a study lead by Ann Streissguth. This the original article is the actual research paper which waspresented by the group. The paper tells how an original group of over fifteen hundred pregnant women was reduced to a select group of under five hundred. They explain how the condition of the infant at birth was not a factor in the study. It was their goal to define the long term effect of substance use during pregnancy.Further information shares how they followed the children in a longitudinal study at eight months, eighteen months, and four years. The group looked at a multitude of factors which included the toddlers learning abilities and the child’s IQ at the age of four. Of the three articles this one relies most on the use of methodology, scientific findings andpresentation conclusion. In their paper they use the standard method of reporting research data….

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