Power vs Corruption

"Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely"
I will proceed to argue for this statement in essay form referring to three sources. These three sources will support my view on this topic.
Power does not just corrupt those ones who hold power but can also turn someone who wants power so badly to turn corrupt. In Lord of the Flies Ralph get voted for chief, this makes the other contender, Jack, very angry and anxious for power. His want for power eventually turns himself corrupt by convincing the other boys not to listen and cooperate with the leader Ralph but instead to come and have fun and big feasts in his tribe. He does this by bribing them and telling them lies. He gives them a feast from pigs that he has caught. Also he tells them that only he and his hunters can protect them from the "beast". There fore this proves that not only having power but also wanting power can also corrupt someone.
Mark Waugh is an international cricketer who has a great reputation and batting record. In his position he has a lot of knowledge about the game of cricket. It is said against him that he used his knowledge and powerful position dishonestly by providing information to Indian bookmakers to help them predict the result of the cricket matches and make money illegally by using this information. It is also said that Mark Waugh had taken $36,000 from Gupta an Indian bookmaker. This matter is still being investigated and if found true would be a good example of how being in a powerful position and using that position has made him use it corruptly to make personal gain.
Richard Nixon was another great leader who fell to corruption. He had relations with communist powers. Supported China's admission to United Nations. Thefirst U.S President to visit China and Russia while in office and pioneered SALT treaties on arms limitations with USSR. Public opinion led him to end direct U.S participation i

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