Poverty in the U. S. A.

The globe is divided between the rich and the poor.Through most of the 19th century and right up to the time of the Great Depression there was a theory: "the poor are the lazy".The poor are the lowest quintile of the people who gave up on working and decided they were no longer going to work for living, and they were going to bum for living or even steel or rob others.The rich people, opposite to the poor,have a lot to show in life.This kind of people make a lot more money than most others do.The reason why they do so well in their lives is through training, education, intelligence, inborn skills, physical attributes, or just plain luck.
The talent is very important.Those with outgoing personalities and good communication skills are doing the best in life.Take Britney Spears for instance, she is very talented and outgoing girl in her profession. Since a little girl she was very energetic and liked to dance to the music, and now she is a dancer and a singer.Neither she nor her mother never knew that she was going to become a singer, but she really made it.The rich do not always have the talent or good communication skills.There are also poor people that have talent and are out on the streets performing their skills and making just pennies to their pockets compared to the higher class-working class.There is an old saying: "it is not what you know, it is whom you know".
The education is very important, it seems to be a seniority in the U.S.The longer we stay in
school, the more money we will make for the rest of our lives.The average college graduate will earn almost three times the income earned by someone who has not completed the eighth grade.Because of the skills and knowledge you will get better jobs and better salary.

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