Potato extract

From the results we have, our group has concluded that the entire hypothesis were correct. When there is less of the potato extract, the reaction time is slower. When there is more of the potato extract, the reaction time is faster. We also concluded that when the amount of the enzyme is changed then the reaction rate is faster. Most of the hypothesis that I thought of was correct. The Lab was pretty fun. At the same time it was really challenging. My partner did not do anything. I figured out without the graphs or class averages you could not be positive of what happened The materials we used to do our lab are the following, a 400ml beaker of distilled water, two 10ml graduated cylinders, and two 25ml graduated cylinders, two 50ml graduated cylinders, two 100ml beakers, one pair of scissors and a stopwatch. Thefirst procedure of the experiment was make five different percentages of solution of potato extract, which were, 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. The next thing we did was cut out fifteen penny sized filter paper disks for the three trials for each percent of solution. Next, we placed a filter paper disk into each percent of solution; we repeated this three times to get three trials. After placing a filter paper disk into the solution, we placed the disk on a paper towel to remove any excess liquid, and then transferred the filter paper disk to the bottom of the beaker with the hydrogen peroxide. We then timed how long the filter paper took to rise to the top of the beaker. After timing all the trials for all the solution percents, we put the times on a chart and made their averages. My Lab is about the function of enzymes. Enzymes are catalysts; they speed up chemical reactions without being used in the reaction. A lot of Enzymes have protein in them. In living things, enzymes speed up chemical reactions, which allow lining things to carry out many different chemical feats. We are working with the enzyme: potato extract. Our hypoth…

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