Post Trauma Stress and self

David G. Purves at London Guildhall University and Philip G. Erwin of the Psychology unit in Edge Hill College decide to do an experiment about Post Trauma Stress (PTS) and self-disclosure. The finding of this was posted in the Journal of the Psychology. The population they had chosen was a group of students from a local British University. There were a total of 200 students which contented 78 men, 116 women and 6 individuals who didn't indicate their gender.
They started to look into both men and women dealt with stress after a traumatic event had happened to them. The hypothesized that men who engaged in less emotion disclosure had TSI ( Trauma Symptom Inventory) scores; these men were significantlyless willing to disclose information or emotion about happiness. Also they looked at women who as their Trauma Symptom Inventory score increased so did their willingness to talk about their emotion about anxiety but when it came to talk about anything fear related whether it was emotion or informationthey were less willing to talk.
Now when it came for David G. Purves and Philip G. Erwin to test out their theories they had decide on using a standard questionnaire, Trauma Symptom Inventory and Emotional Self-disclosure Scale. On this standard questionnaire is basic personal information (name, date of birth, gender) along with previous experience with a trauma. There was a number they could call if things they were bring up for the study was hard for them along with a statement saying anything brought up on the questionnaire or even in a conversation would be kept confidential and they would be not be identified. Next they used to the Trauma Symptom Inventory. Now this looks to see if a traumatic event has effect any of ten clinical subscales. It checks the traumatic impact in anxious arousal, depression, angerirritability, intrusive exp

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