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Every four years there’s always a presidential election. We the people have to choose who;d be the right person for the spot. Who would give us what we need and who would make our environment a better place? Now we are thinking about whom do we want to vote for . . .Bush or Kerry?
Over the last four years the air has become more cleaner and our water more pure. Thanks to Bush! The Bush administration developed a plan called The Clear Skies Initiative and submitted it to congress in February 2003, as a proposal to amend the clean air act, which is primary federal law governing air. But Clear Skies is a clear misnomer because if congress passes The Clear Skies Bill, the result will be weaken and delay health protections already required under law. The Clear Skies plan would allow three times more toxic mercury emission. He has proposed several Clean Air Initiatives that will dramatically improve air quality and public health. Bush also proposed a hydrogen-generated autombile. Which we are spending billions of dollars to come up with the technology to do that.
Bush also wants to tackle global warming, which he acknowledges may be a real treat. He pours scorn on the Kyoto Treaty on climate change and says he favors market friendly alternatives. Instead he recognizes that global warming should be taken seriously but will require a decision to be based on the best science .
In conclusion, Bush has everything planned on what he wants to do with the environment. So if he wins his second term we can expect a cleaner air and better chances of living a healthier life.

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