Pornography and the internet (pros and cons)

What was originally ment to be a form of controlling our government's missle supply 41 years ago, has now exploded into what we call today the "internet."Sending and receiving information has never been as easy as it is today.With just a couple of keystrokes and mouseclicks we can have acess to almost anything we want on our computer screens.One of the biggest problems that has arisen with this new found technology is how easy it makes distributing and accessing pornographic material.Many citizens feel as though the internet needs to be regulated to keep pornographic imagry out of the hands of children.I feel that restricting the right of citizens to view and distribute legal pornography on the internet is a direct infringement on our First Amendment right.Allowing pornography to be distributed on the net helps keep in tact our rights as American's, provides jobs to a whole new group of workers and entrapaneurs, and it provides a form of relief to people who might have otherwise resorted to more drastic measures.
Tofirst understand the debate on whether or not pornography should be allowed on the internet, a basic knowledge of what the internet is, and when it was started is
needed.Most of today's youth that uses the internet everyday for a variety of tasks take for granted that it has only been around and easily accessed for roughly 15 years.The concept of the internet, or what was then called Arpanet was created in 1957.The goal was to design a system that could be used from anywhere in the U.S. for the government to control its missile supply in case of war.The early 1990's is when the World Wide Web (or that www that is put in front of any webpage address) was created, and the public had access to it.In 1997 a study on site access showed that of the top 11,000 searches, 47% were targeted toward pornography.This would seem to show that pornography has given the internet a…

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