Poor Oral Hygiene

Proper care for one's mouth must be maintained to prevent the upsurge and spread of several negative health factors.The warm moist environment provided by one's oral cavity provides perfect breading grounds for disease and bacteria.This build-up can lead to anything as severe as bad breath or even to ultimate disease and death.Proper care of the mouth and one's oral cavity is often something that is ignored by populations and can therefore brute to be a source of problem.Often times rural individuals lack the proper education and facilities to provide the correct oral hygiene needed.Oral hygiene must constantly be addressed by individuals of all populations.
Dental professionals have long promoted the idea that prevention is the best medicine.Individuals must be trained to accept maintenance of the mouth as part of the overall oral health program.Education is the key to getting widespread acceptance of using preventative medicine when it comes to caring for one's mouth.This education must begin in the school systems by teaching young children how to care for their teeth.Young children could even be rewarded at a young age for correctly brushing their teeth.This education must not stop with the children, but must then be carried on to the adults and implemented in everyday lifestyles.All populations must understand that care for one's oral cavity is crucial to over positive health of an individual.
Once individuals have been educated on how to care for their teeth it is the responsibility of the individual to make appointments to regularly have checkups with their dentist.It is then the dentist's responsibility to carry on the process of education by continuing to support proper oral hygiene.Often times poor oral hygiene begins when individuals feel that they are unable to visit their dentist.Financial matters may prevent families from making regular checkups to their…

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