In thefirst chapter of Politics & Public Policy, the authors utilize this part of the book to bring about a brief synopsis of the upcoming chapters.They introduce the idea that in their book they wish to explainhow political institutions undergo constant changes in order to keep the policy-making process successful.The authors go on to talk about what are government was founded on, such as the idea of separation of powers and the system of checks and balances. Policy makers, such as legislatures, chief executives, bureaucrats, and judges play a key role in the legislative process as well.Although these people might make or enforce these laws, we ca also note that outside influences are important. Such influences provide policy makers with certain information that is vital, for example, the media.Issues that are likely to interest a large amount of people become important issues to legislatures.
The second chapter focuses on the features and tendencies of the American culture and economy pertaining to values.This chapter stresses the ideas of individualism and personal freedom in the sense that with these characteristics political culture can strive.However, with racism and sexism present in our culture, this brings forth a set-back.Also, part of this chapter is dedicated to the free market paradigm which dominates political life.The purpose of this chapter is to show the broad view of American society dominated by culture and the economy which in turn influences politics, government, and public policy.Over the years there has been change advocated in federal spending, which is also mentioned in this chapter.During the New Deal era spending was the key, as where in the term of Reagan, spending was cut back.
Thefirst chapter is crucial in understanding the second, and other chapters to come.This chapter lays the groundwork in order to understand how policy works and the basic fundamentals.The secon…

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