Politics and the public

When it comes to the issue of government, there is always the question of public involvement.Occasionally, people do not want to be involved, and some have that choice.Sometimes people do want to be involved, but do not have that option.Public involvement in politics is a subject that is very controversial, because people have very different opinions.People in dictatorships believe the public should not take part in decisions.
Dictatorships can be very effective.They work and are efficient because of the single leader that controls everything.Hitler led a dictatorship, and was very successful.The people followed and respected him.They did not realize what Hitler was really doing, which was destroying the country and the people.There are no elections, which usually take a long time in democratic countries.For that reason and many others, change happens fast in a dictatorship because a single ruler or oligarchy controls everything.It is also the easiest to govern, because other than the few who object, the citizens follow and obey the leader effortlessly.There is one person to deal with national emergencies because one person controls the military.With a snap of a dictator's fingers, the country can go to war.Banned opposition causes less war within the country, and uprisings are controlled.Another example of the good a dictatorship does is drug control, because there is less use of drugs in a dictatorial country than in a democracy.
Dictatorships have many unattractive aspects as well.The people live in fear, and are unhappy, because they usually are not receiving what jobs they need, or much entertainment, and they are not content socially.Citizens surrender all rights and follow all rules and laws without hesitation.This is because if they do not follow, there is usually an unwanted punishment for being criminal.The citizens typically live in fear and do not know what to expect with th…

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