Politics and Morality

Politics and Morality: Is There Enough Room for Both?
Politics and morals are two of the most confusing terms that our world has to define.There are so many lingering questions about the two terms; especially when the idea of the terms being used together arises.Is it possible to have a system that uses both?Or from a different light, is it possible to have a system that does not use both?I would argue that morality plays an enormous role in politics and is the major principle that divides our world up into states.
In the modern world it is impossible to have system that does not define itself with morals.Each state arranges a way of ruling itself, however, that rule is created by the many social collectivities that make up a state.Some of these nations share identities or origins or a list of other likenesses, however they all share some sort of commonness.That shared part of their lives helps them to create morals which in turn that nation uses to help define the rule for the state.If all states are based on morality, though, what is stopping one state from attacking another because it has violated some of its morals?
Our world would be a constant battlefield if states where attacking states over moral righteousness.So how is a state to decide whether or not to go to war over an issue?And is it right for a state A to intervene in state B's conflict based on state A's morals?Questions such as these were some of the reasons that international bodies such as the United Nations and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization were founded.These bodies were to bring states together to come to a consensus on issues so that they would be resolved in a way that was best for the world as a whole.From a different light one might ask "who is to make sure that the states are acting in a way that is best for the world and not forming alliances to get what is best for their state?"And that reason alo…

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