Politics and I

Politics and I have never really seen eye to eye. When I say this I mean I've never
really been interested in it. Politics to me has always looked like a stupid childish
argument. I think I view politics like that because of watching the British house of
Parliaments live on T.V. I don't know if you have seen it but it's so childish; people
mocking each other and loud voices shouting offensive comments back and
forth. The whole charade is just pathetic. I also don't hold to much trust in people that run
in Politics. I swear they change their opinions on certain topics just to'hammer' the
opposition. Sometimes I think they are running their campaigns not to satisfy the country
but to'beat' the other candidate. Due to my negative view on Politics I never really paid
much attention to the political affairs that were going on around me, until I moved to
I don't know why exactly I got into Politics when I moved to America, maybe it
was something to do with the presidential campaign! I never really thought much if I was
a democrat or republican, but listening to the debates and the news I was even more
confused with whose side I belonged to. What I did find out, was that I had opinions and
lots of them, whether they agreed with the democrats or the republicans really
didn't bother me. These opinions of mine surfaced one day when I was babysitting. Hard
to believe that in one day spent with an 11yr old, my whole view on the Political system
in this country dramatically unfolded. I couldn't believe what I was hearing from this
little innocent boy. My most memorable expression was "I hate Iraqis……..they should
all die. We should cut their heads off!" It was so disturbing to hear. Where did this hatred
for Iraqis come from? When I asked the boy what he thought of how the Americans wer

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