Political Violence and Non Violence

Violence in any form never leaves a good picture nor does it help in
organizing people to stand up for their rights. Even if we are members of a
group that believe in raising their voice against non justice governmental
act, it still doesn’t give us the license to promote a violent act. A
violent act creates riots, rallies and disrupted peace in every state. Why
does everyone think that an angry voice being shouted can reach many rather
then a gentle act which may attract a bigger audience ‘
Political Violence and Non Violence
Living in a world full of violence and terrorism, there are many who think
action is the only answer towards such acts and few people, who believe
control such actions and resolve the matter more peacefully. Yet these
voicing their thoughts; what if someone thinks they are talking against the
what if in order to take peaceful actions without creating violence, they
rebellious ones ‘ Supporting a violent act sounds easier then utilizing non-
methods. We may come across hundreds of non violent methods, which may
slowly but it contemplates more people towards applying such measures.
violent act results in one direction only, leaving hundreds of innocents
anger and hatred towards people, without any sign of justice.
Being a part of a group where actions are based on government synopsis, its
control or change their direction of thoughts. There are illegal measure
are signs of violence acts to prove their point and risking many innocents
between. There are peace talks, but no preface working its way accordingly,
the members in different directions and no way to turn back. To support
would be unfair to the nation as well as the members trying to work th

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