Political Participation

Hong Kong and Singapore are city states that have none or little
political participation, instead political decisions were left to a
small group of leaders. Hong Kong’s history of colonial rule and the
strength of the People’s Action Party in Singapore acted to keep limit
Hong Kong after World War Two remained a colony of England and
it’s government remained under colonial rule. The government of Hong
Kong was govern and run by the English Foreign service officers that
came to Hong Kong. In Hong Kong it really was the English that ruled not
In Singapore following the end of World War Two a single
political party came into power in Singapore, the People’s Action Party
which was aanti-colonial left wing party was a made up of communists
and moresocialists parties. The PAP so dominated politics that no
other political party emerged in Singapore as a strong force. In the
democratically held elections in Singapore the PAP always won by large
majorities. The greatest lost came to the PAP in 1984 when the
opposition won two seats in the 79 seat legislature in Singapore. This
wasdue to a recession during the period and disapproval with the
governments economic policies. Because of this in Singapore, politics
disappeared and was replaced by an administrative state run by a system
of official. Following the election of 1984 the PAP brought new policies
to increase its support. First, the party step up its recruitment of
young members. Second, the administration agreed to discuss the National
Agenda and formation of the PAP party with the people of Singapore
starting in 1987. Third, the government of Singapore started televising
deliberations of the national legislative council. These three
initiatives stimulated a new interest in government that had been absent
from Singapore for years. The public finally felt that it could

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