police corruption

“Oh my god Megan! She’s not alright.”I shouted to my husband, as I lifted my child’s head, looking at her forehead covered in blood. Above her right eye I could see her skull.The smell of burnt rubber lingered in the air.A bystander helped me pull my limp child out of the backseat of our car.My adrenaline rushing as if I had drunk ten cups of coffee; my hands trembling so intensely I couldn’t even feel her pulse, I laid my child down on the wet grass, with the rain pouring down upon us.”This is not happening to me, This is not happening!” I shouted.
“Your daughter has a pulse,” a young man said to me. “Just keep applying pressure to her forehead. The paramedics will be here shortly.” The paramedics finally arrived, and the next thing I remember is we were on our way to the hospital.I was begging the paramedic to tell me my daughter was going to be fine, but he just looked at me instead and said, “I’m sorry mam we will do everything we can.Please sit back.”I felt as if I were living in another world.My worst nightmare had come true right in front of my eyes.My baby was in pain and there wasn’t a thing I could do.Everything around me seemed hazy.I could see her but it was different, her eyes shut her body motionless.This was not the normal 2-year-old I was used to.All I could do was wait to hear her cry or see her little blue eyes look at me, so I could tell her, “Mommy’s here.”
Once we arrived at the hospital, a strange man grabbed me by the arm, and pulled me into a small room, big enough for two chairs and a phone.”Is they’re anyone you’d like for me to call?”
“I just want to see my daughter.Please take me to her!”I demanded.As the man walked me to the area my child was in, a man wearing a long white lab coat approached me, later identifying himself as one of the pediatric specialists called for my daughter. “Are you the mother

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